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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Kant wrote like a pig..."

alemin en hardcore hanımağalarından Avital Ronell bacımızın ŞURADA çok güzel bir röportajı var.

"But the Kant satellite traces or picks up signals from Kant's tortured relation to writing. Kant wrote like a pig, and he talks about it all the time. He is the first philosopher to have wanted to be an author, which is something Jean-Luc Nancy writes about in "Logodaedalus." What interested me is the way Kant does end up prescribing that a true and good philosopher will be more or less a bad writer and will not indulge in certain forms of wordplay and joyous resignification. For Kant, this decision was an agony and a renunciation. He had to renounce being a beautiful writer, a femme writer, and he becomes totally butch. He is very clear about this: he says I can't run around in pink ballet slippers, and I can't have honey–the kind you give to children to get them to drink something that they don't want to drink, like medicine or aesthetics. Real philosophy has to dispense with and renounce writing, being a beautiful writer, a true author. Of course, he also wanted to be this author that he says he renounced. So he feels he's in control of it. To the extent that he had to renounce it, it was something that he initiated. In any case, it is a tortured and charming itinerary of anxiety about not being a good writer. Henceforth, philosophy required it; it is the writing requirement for philosophy: that you be a bad writer. Anyone who writes "beautifully," so to speak, then as now, is stoned, ridiculed, and feminized. This requirement is a Kantian legacy; it's his bequest. "

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